Aerial Surveying


We used advanced drone and GNSS technologies to survey challenging areas to centimeter-level accuracy.

About the company

We create digital products for clients across the built and natural world (engineering, quarrying, forestry etc). We aim to provide professionals with the tools they need to better plan and manage their operations (ranging from design to topographical information to measurement of asset value), within the expected accuracy requirements. We use equipment that ensures accuracy, particularly GNSS and PPK technology and choose equipment to match the job.

About Us

We specialise in remote sensing and carry out geodetic measurements collected from the air. We have multidisciplinary expertise in geomatics engineering and provide digital products to a variety of real world industries and professionals. Go-to technology allows us to complete smaller and more straightforward data collection jobs with efficiency. Our more advanced technology allows us to complete data collection over more advanced areas in terms of size and terrain complexity.