September 11, 2019



We provide aerial surveying, mapping and volumes surveying services to the quarrying and construction sectors. We help make planning and management more streamlined than ever through our data deliverables.

Our orthomosaic maps are detailed, accurate photo representations of areas, created out of many photos that have been stitched together and geometrically corrected (“orthorectified”) so that it is as accurate as a map. This makes visualisation easy. Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) become an automatic output.

DEM orthomosaic

Using advanced software with our drones, we are able to get highly accurate measurements on volumes of stockpiles. We use Agisoft for the initial process and Terrasolid for calculations. We have verified accuracy on tricky piles on slopes and conjoined piles etc. No pile is a problem.

Volumes surveying is where we provide greatest ROI in terms of cost and time. Traditional methods involve climbing piles and measuring with GPS (naturally posing additional health and safety issues). We use GPS for ground measurement and to scale the model in relative terms, but we take points spread throughout the site and out of harms way.

Doing away with climbing piles etc. saves a lot of time, meaning you can get the data quicker. Our methods cause zero down-time, improving production levels.


Volumes surveying reports are presented with zoomable annotated orthos and DEMs, spreadsheets, quality reports and overall client data sheets. Site aerials are thrown in.


We also provide standard aerial imagery as well as edited video for construction progress reports. Edited marketing videos with licenced music etc is another additional service.