Aerial Surveying


Drones have established themselves as a go-to platform for high-resolution, centimetre-level accurate aerial surveying

About the company

We create digital products for civil engineers, quarry managers, construction managers and foresters on the ground among others. We aim to provide professionals with the tools they need to better plan and manage their operations (ranging from design to topographical information  to measurement  of asset value), within the expected accuracy requirements. We georeference everything starting from a single pixel, to an image, to hundreds of photos and to a terrain model  and beyond.

About Us

We are a team of Remote Sensing experts who carry out geodetic measurements from the air. We have multidisciplinary expertise in geomatics engineering on the team and provide digital products related to the real world to a variety of industries and professionals. We work primarily with UAV (drone) and hardware, software and sensor-integrated technologies

Our Clients

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