Traffic Analysis

We are also currently completing a project on traffic analysis using drones and machine learning. We have mapped a stretch of road over 3km using PPK (link to linear mapping page) and the data is being run to carry out network analysis to determine travel time around this area to hospitals. We will then use drone video and machine learning software and custom solutions to measure traffic analytics at different areas of the mapped study area (roundabout, one area of the road etc.) as well as automating traffic counts along the stretch using video.The overall goal will be to identify using the data is there could be a case made for the implementation of traffic calming measures, with the utility served in this case being travel time for patients in the area to their hospital.

The project will form the basis of continued research into machine and deep learning methodologies and we will also look to be at the development of the Big Data world and In particular for Smart Cities where the input data is geospatial. We aim to lead new thinking about the use and distribution of data in this area.


traffic analytics